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July 2023, Low Inventory Continues but What Is the Cost of Waiting to Buy or Sell?

Ah, Summer! 
We're halfway through the year already and only a month away from school starting again – summer always slips away so quickly. We're grateful to live in such a beautiful place to enjoy a multitude of activities; check out 15 Fun Things to do in the Mountains this summer.
Low inventory in Boulder and Denver has carved out a sweet spot for sellers. This means it’s a great time to sell because houses that are priced right are still seeing multiple offers and selling quickly. If you’re ready to list your house, DM me so you can capitalize on today’s market and find your next dream home.
Always an honor and pleasure to be your resource for any real estate needs, please share our info if you have a friend or family member interested in buying or selling.
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Summer fun with clients and friends! 

We're Grateful for the Opportunity to Work with our Amazing Clients:

 "The Herz team is a rare treasure in the real estate industry. Their experienced professionalism is generous combination of talent. Great at communicating with us as clients and respecting our wishes, but tactful enough to speak into delicate or sensitive subjects. Their skills in negotiation helped all parties reach common sales/purchasing goals. Further, their wealth of available and trustworthy ancillary contractors (cleaning, staging, etc.) is impressive. The sale of our home was so important to us and they didn't disappoint in any way. I highly recommend the Herz team without any reservations."
– Larry K

Market Update

Denver Metro and Boulder County Real Estate Statistics

Save the Date!

 Zoo Lights on Sat, Nov 11th - Sparkling Lights, Treats and Magic
Christmas in July? Well, sort of ... mark your calendars now for Saturday, November 11th to join The Herz Team at the Denver Zoo Lights! We'll have a private room to connect and enjoy hot chocolate, bites, and more! Watch for additional details in the coming months
We missed our annual Colorado Rockies day this summer and look forward to a fun gathering at a game during the 2024 season! Stay tuned for additional information! 

15 Fun Things to do in the Mountains
this Summer

There's still time to pack up the Subie and journey an hour or two into the rippled horizon for a break from the heat and look forward to a jazz festival or a night under the stars on the other side of your drive. Find a collection of more than a dozen ways to pass the dog days of summer, whether you’re into biking, beer, or (gasp!) Broadway.


The Cost of Waiting to Buy a Home 

Even though they’ve fallen from last year’s peaks, mortgage rates are still high, and home prices have started rising again. Together, these factors might dissuade you from buying right now.
Still, no matter which way the real estate market is leaning, buying now means you can start building equity immediately. It also means avoiding the potential for additional mortgage rate increases later: Rising rates can spell serious trouble for your monthly budget, and they also result in paying more in interest over the life of the loan.
“When mortgage rates drop and more buyers come back into the market, home prices will rise,” Melissa Cohn, regional vice president of William Raveis Mortgage in Connecticut recently told her newsletter subscribers. “Remember, you ‘Marry the house and date the rate.’” To put it another way, you can always refinance later.
In general, if you can answer yes to these three questions, now is the time to buy.
  1. Do you have excellent credit? Anytime you’re borrowing money, start by reviewing your credit report and credit score. The best deals on mortgages will be available to those with high credit scores of 740 and above — in fact, the median score for mortgage borrowers in the first quarter of 2023 was 765, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. If you have demonstrated that you are a low-risk borrower with a history of on-time payments, you’ll be in line for the lowest mortgage rates a lender offers.
  2. Have you saved enough for a down payment? In addition to paying your bills on time, you should be sitting on a sizable chunk of change for a down payment. Make sure you’ll have plenty left over, too: Lenders feel more comfortable loaning you money if you have additional cash reserves that can provide a cushion if something unexpected happens.
  3. Are you planning to stay in the home for a while? Beyond the purchase price, buying a home comes with closing costs that can run thousands more. So, to justify those one-time transaction costs, it’s wise to be reasonably certain that you won’t move again anytime soon — or that you’ll be financially stable enough to hold on to the property and rent it out. Selling a home very soon after buying can have serious tax implications.
Ultimately, the decision of when to buy a home is up to you. If you’re anxious to become a homeowner, you’ve met the criteria above and you’re financially stable, go ahead and start house-hunting. Give us a call at 303.517.9873 to get started today. 

Persistent low housing inventory has carved out a sweet spot for sellers. This means it’s a great time to sell because houses that are priced right are still seeing multiple offers and selling quickly. If you’re ready to list your house, DM me so you can capitalize on today’s market and find your next dream home.

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